NRAA National Rankings System Now in Place

  • October 19, 2015
  • 1 minute read

NRAA National Rankings System Now in Place

The NRAA has re-instituted a National Ranking System which is now permanently in place on the NRAA website.

The system has been extended to included B and C Grade rankings and there are two pages on display; one for A Grade Rankings in all disciplines and the other for B & C Grades where appropriate.

The Ranking System is calculated using result percentages from the National Grading System. Shooters who have registered a minimum of 5 scores are included in calculations, with the maximum being the most recent 8 scores. Each time a competition is entered into the National Grading System, the Rankings pages are updated, so the system will always remain reasonably up-to-date.

The pages can be accessed directly on the NRAA website under the “SID & Grades” menu or on the lower left area of the Home page. Clicking directly on a shooter on one of these pages will open a window showing their latest Grading Scores and percentages.

They can also be accessed directly here:-


Bob Pedersen

NRAA Rules Director – October 2015