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Welcome to the North Queensland Rifle Association


The North Queensland Rifle Association (NQRA) is a collective group of Full Bore Target Rifle and F Class shooting clubs scattered across Northern Queensland, Australia.

The NQRA is primarily a Target Rifle organisation whos members use precision single shot bolt action rifles at paper targets from a distance of 300 to 900 metres.

Our annual "Queens" competition is held in North Queensland and was first conducted in Townsville on the 30th May, 1888.



29 Oct, 2022
2022 Herberton Prize Meeting
  • Herberton Rifle Club
  • Herberton Petford Rd, Watsonville QLD 4887, Australia
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    30 Oct, 2022
    2022 Ravenshoe/Mt Garnet Prize Meeting
  • Ravenshoe Mt Garnet Rifle Club
  • 331 Cemetery Rd, Ravenshoe QLD 4888, Australia
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