NRAA Ammunition Survey

  • November 13, 2018
  • 1 minute read

NRAA Ammunition Survey

The NRAA in conjunction with S&T Councillors has produced an Ammunition Survey for all NRAA members to complete.

The aim is to collect feedback from the members on how NRAA can improve supply and reduce costs as well as determining who should deliver the outcome.

The survey will be operational from the 14th November for a period of two weeks.

Key Points:

  • Having your say is important, so please take the opportunity to complete the survey, the results of which will be used to determine the future model of ammunition supply and cost attribution.
  • Some members may not be aware that some types of projectiles carry a 3c levy. This levy is used to fund the management of the supply of projectiles/powder by the NRAA.
  • The NRAA Board will be very open and transparent in the results - these will be published by 28 January 2019.