Latest SSRs as at 23 May 2016 - One Rule Alteration

  • May 23, 2016
  • 2 minute read

Latest SSRs as at 23 May 2016 - One Rule Alteration

There is a new version of the SSR’s as at 23 May 2016. There is only one Rule altered which is Rule 2.1.5. The Rule is about keeping the rifle pointed in a safe direction when shooters are vacating the mound.

The New Rule 2.1.5 is:-

2.1.5 Retiring From the Mound

(a) Before retiring from the mound each competitor must go through the unloading motions with the muzzle pointing towards the target and then remove the bolt from the rifle.

(b) As the competitor retires from the mound he shall present the breech of the rifle to the scorer and check scorer where applicable so that he or they can verify that the chamber of the rifle is empty by visible inspection using any appropriate method. The onus is upon the shooter to enable this to be carried out.

(c) While doing so the muzzle of the rifle must remain pointing in a safe direction until cleared. The rifle should not be turned so it is pointing at other shooters on the mound or at the Scorers. The bolt is not to be re-inserted in the rifle after the breech has been cleared.

(d) Re-inserting a bolt in a rifle and using a Breech Flag as an indication the rifle is clear is not permitted at any time except as permitted by Rule