F Class Mace Cup to Be Added to NRAA Queens Program – 2015

  • December 16, 2014
  • 2 minute read

F Class Mace Cup to Be Added to NRAA Queens Program – 2015

At the November 2014 NRAA Board Meeting, the Board approved a proposal to add an F Class Version of the Kaltenberg Cup to the program at the NRAA Queens.

The following Proposal was approved:-

  1. That the NRAA include a competition similar to the Kaltenberg Cup for F Class beginning with the 2015 NRAA Queens.
  2. The competition is held for F Standard, F Open and F/TR.
  3. That the qualifying conditions be exactly the same as the Kaltenberg Cup with the following numbers selected to compete:-
    • F Standard – the top 4 shooters in the preliminary Grand Championship.
    • F Open – the top 4 shooters in the Preliminary Grand Championship.
    • F/TR – the top 2 shooters in the Preliminary Grand Championship
    • The above numbers may be varied from year to year as more experience is gained of numbers competing.
  4. Shooters shall fire “Bisley Style” in pairs, in similar fashion to Target Rifle and shall fire alongside Target Rifle when the competition is held.
  5. The scores from the competition shall be added to the scores from the Preliminary Grand Championship and decide the final order in the Grand Championship.


There shall be ONE medal awarded in each F Class Discipline for the winning score in the Grand Championship as well as the normal Badges awarded. i.e. – That there be three Medals awarded, one for each F Class Discipline.

The Board accepted a suggestion that the Competition be called the MACE CUP in recognition of the services that Ernie Mace of the Central Rifle Club, Brisbane has given to rifle shooting over many years, especially in F Class and the help he has given numerous young teams.

Bob Pedersen

Rules Director – NRAA - December 2014