Standard shooting rules alteration approved by NRAA

  • October 25, 2014
  • 2 minute read

Standard shooting rules alteration approved by NRAA


Amendment to F Class Standard Rule

At the September 2014 NRAA Board Meeting the following Rule Alteration was approved.

The Rule is in force as at 1st October 2014. This notice has been sent to all States for distribution and placed on the NRAA Web Site. It has not yet been included in the current SSR Rulebook as we are anticipating a major revision and update of the Rulebook early in 2015, where this rule alteration will also be included.

That the F Class Rule 20.10 (e) be altered as follows:-

Original Rule

(e) In lieu of a bag, a soft material buffer, such as, but not limited to carpet may also be used for this purpose.

The Rule to be amended to read:-

(e) In lieu of a bag any other material may be used at the top of a pedestal rest provided such use does not contravene Rule 20.10 (f) - APPROVED


The original rule has been the bone of many arguments. The so-called "Sandbag" on the top of free standing, unattached pedestal rests has been modified in many forms, especially with homemade pedestal rests. Materials have ranged from aluminium to wood to cotton, leading to many protests. The F Class Rules committee has ruled that no type of material has any particular advantage over another and recommended the change to stop the needless controversy.

F Open Rules and FTR Rules do not have any reference to the type of material allowed at the top of free standing Pedestal Rests and this brings the F Standard requirement in line with the other two F Class Disciplines.

Bob Pedersen

NRAA Rules Director – October 2014